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Learning some good skateboarding tricks like how to boardslide is the most gratifying part of learning how to skateboard.

How to boardslide

Basically a board slide is when you ollie your skateboard onto either a pipe or some kind of curbing, and slide over it with the middle of your deck.

My advice to beginners is that you get these 3 things down PAT before you try and learn this skateboard trick. I have huge tips and tricks up my sleeve but most things have their own prerequisites! In this case, it’s crucial that you know how to ride a skateboard, how to ollie, and how to 360 ollie, or at least 180 ollie.

There’s no sense in putting the cart before the horse here, so now let’s learn how to board slide! I’m assuming you already know how to wax so I won’t get into that.

Now I’ll describe the board slide on a curb first, only because it’s a safer place to start and get the feel for it, find a curb going slightly downhill if you want.

Your stance should be just as you would going for an ollie, we’re going to be turning our board into the slide, I discussed earlier that you should be able to at least 180 ollie first. You want your stance to be the same as your 180 ollie.

Now before you go for it you have to set it in your mind that you’re going for it, if you second guess yourself in the middle of executing any semi dangerous skateboarding trick, YOU WILL BAIL. So make sure you’re committed before you go for it.

Many skateboarders I’ve skated with like to slide their front foot up a little bit on the skateboard when they land on the curb or rail, whatever creates the best balance for you will be fine. Now a lot of skaters out there thing that staying level with the ground is the best way to be, but really if you picture it, your board will slide out from under you resulting in A BAIL. And if you lean to far forward of coarse you’re going to do what we like to call the face plant. So it’s important that you get a feel for maintaining your balance while sliding before you go for anything dangerous.

That part right there is the hardest part about learning how to board slide. And the most crucial.

Coming off of a rail is the easy part, and where you get your excitement because YOU DID IT! As you’re coming off the rail you just want to turn your board in the direction you’re going, land with a little bit of cushion in your knees, and you’re off. Keep in mind that your skateboard will be moving pretty fast down your rail so make sure you land it, especially if you’re skateboarding buddies are video taping you!

Tech Deck Skate Parks can be purchased or built using items you have around the house. Skateboarding originated in California and, despite being a product of the United States, is now a worldwide phenomenon. When you take a tech deck skate park idea and want to put it into reality, there are certain plans and/or options that one has when one sets out to design their own park. Since its inception – tech deck skateboards have increased in popularity and are now one of the most popular toys/hobbies for skateboard enthusiasts of all ages.

It is amazing how much you can do and the tricks you can perform with your fingers and a miniature skateboard. By utilizing your fingers you can do everything possible on a normal board.

There are many people that can give you guidance on how to make certain that you build the best tech deck skate park for yourself. All that you have to ensure is that you get the materials for it. The planning is the first and very important phase of this procedure. It would help you a lot to search for the entire latest tech deck items available on the internet. You may want to take a look at the Tony Hawk vert ramp.

-The base which is also the the foundation for the vert ramp needs to built with Styrofoam. Because its able to maintain its shape no matter what it is the optimal material.

-The ramp has to have a curve if you get the proportions right then you will get a natural curve.

-Using extra Styrofoam will support the vert area. Make certain that you cut it to the size and shape that you want.

-Once you have done the construction you can then paint your development. Poster paint works the best, try it.

You will be surprised at what the small skateboards are able to do. You can perform the shove it stunt, the Ollie nollie, all types of slides as well as flips, and all this is able to be done with the very ramp that you yourself have put together. There are so many videos that you are able to see of the different types of ramps that were built, and some demonstrate how their ramp operates. You learn a lot and also get ideas for your own ramp.

Eventually all that matters is that you should be happy with your creation. Tech Deck Skateboards will be able to help you more with the putting together of your ramp. There is a video that clearly shows you all that you need to be aware of while you are undertaking something of this nature. Take a look at some YouTube videos. They always help visualization of what a tech deck skatepark can look like. There are many possibilities. What you need to do is go out there and let this hobby surpass you. You may just come up with the finest ramp invention ever!

There are several places where you can buy very cheap complete skateboards. The easiest place to go shopping is the Net. You should look at various online stores; competition among manufacturers has made these items more affordable. However, you can also visit mortar stores to see if they are offering discounts.

After buying your skateboards, you can make a ramp to practice on it. Here’s how. Read the rest of this entry »

Many new skateboarders seem to get stuck in a rut and never progress past an intermediate level. While a great deal of skateboarding is based on athletic ability and talent, many skateboarders can ratchet up their skill level by following a few of these simple tips.

You aren’t as good as you think you are

Accept that you aren’t as good as you think you are. I see way too many beginners and decent skateboarders who think they are God’s gift to skating. They are cocky and truly believe they have mastered the sport. While its fun to laugh at these posers, don’t become one of them. A humble skater can become a great skater.

When you can finally admit your weaknesses, you can begin to work on them and improve. Don’t be afraid to work on these weaknesses over and over again until they become strengths. It will take a lot of courage and practice, but you won’t get any better without putting in the hard work.

Watch and learn

One of the easiest ways to learn new tricks is to watch and learn. While it can be awe inspiring for a beginner to watch a skilled boarder do a perfect trick, you need to stop staring with your jaw open. Watch their fundamentals and think about how you can translate those movements when you are performing your tricks.

Be patient

Of course patience is essential for any good skateboarder. If you want to learn how to do a difficult trick like a 360 flip, it is going to take many spills and a ton of practice before you can land it perfectly. Once you accept that nothing comes easy in this sport, only then will you progress further.

Skate with those better than you

Don’t be intimidated to skate with people who are more talented than you. Most skate rats are generally cool people and will gladly help you out. Not only can you watch and learn new tricks, but better skaters can help you work on your fundamentals and offer important advice you can’t get from less talented friends.

Becoming a good skater takes time and a lot hard work. The best skaters in the world have put in thousands of hours of practice, and started at the bottom just like you. Don’t get discouraged and keep trying to push your limits. Then before you know it, you will be the one everyone is seeking skating advice from!